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Our Real Estate Expertise…

Having worked as a Realtor and having serviced Realtors in a Marketing capacity over the past 15 years, our in-depth knowledge in Real Estate is what makes it so convenient for Realtors to outsource their recruitment needs to us.

How Does It Work?

It’s pretty simple. We go through a process with a 15-minute discovery call where we assess your needs-and-wants of your ideal hire, which is then drafted into a reference document for you to proof. Once approved, we send you a written agreement that stipulates you will pay us upon a successful hire for the completed job. That’s it!

Why Use AGENTC™:

  • We offer market intelligence and comparative salary analysis of successful organizational structures within the real estate industry,
  • We have knowledge of successful team organizational structures,
  • We have a headhunting niche for hard-to-fill roles,
  • We specialize in confidentiality and security for both employer and candidates to make a career move without jeopardizing their existing position, and
  • We assist in organizational restructuring.

For a Complimentary Consultation…

Go ahead, and complete the needs assessment questionnaire. Because of our combined talent in real estate and recruitment, we have been able to offer our services at no-cost to you unless you hire.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What happens if I hire someone and they are not the right fit?

We have a 90-day guarantee in place. We touch base with both the client and the candidate on a monthly basis to ensure everything’s running smoothly. In the event that it is not, we begin searching for a replacement candidate and transition the candidate out to minimize stress on both sides.

I have tried hiring before and I find it difficult to find good candidates. How can you find better than what I’ve seen?

We don’t post and wait for candidates to apply. The quality of candidates from job postings in the Real Estate Industry is not the optimal way to find great candidates.  We headhunt. That means we are out searching for employed, highly in-demand individuals who possess great work history, longevity, and a good cultural fit for your team.

How will you understand what I want my assistant to do?

We understand your business from a Realtor’s perspective because one of our consultants is a former Realtor. We have also served Realtors for over 15 years. We conduct a thorough needs assessment that ensures we help clarify the position as well as the ideal candidate.

Do you provide interview questionnaires?

Yes, we do provide that service at no cost to you.

I’ve never interviewed before and I’m not sure what a successful interview looks like.

Let us walk you through what and how to assess a candidate for your business.  It’s a big decision to hire.  Be sure and be confident in the right fit for your company.

What if they quit or what if I have to fire who I hired through you?

We’ve got your back.  We will provide 1 replacement candidate with a full 90 -day guarantee.  But before we go into that, have a look at our stats: we’ve had to replace 1 in every 15 hires.  Could that be you?  We’ll do our best to get-to-know your managing-style and pair that with the successful candidate so that so you don’t have to worry.

I can find candidates myself

We’re positive you can find candidates.  However, we are confident we can find you quality candidates that deliver on results.  Moreover, we can find candidates who are not looking to move but “make the move”.  What does that mean for  you?  You’ll be getting access to private listings that are not readily available on the market.

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