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AGENTC™: We don’t fill jobs. We build teams.

Our Philosophy

Treasure is uncovered. It never sweeps up on shore just because you have a sign that says “Treasure wanted”!

Our Values

1. Do it with heart   2. Do it with excellence   3. Be open and direct   4. Educate   5. Enjoy the journey

Our Experience

Recruitment, like Real Estate, is a business of nurtured relationships, and cannot be heavily dependent on technology.  It is a specialized skill to hunt and match talent with the right opportunities. A Job listing, just like an MLS listing, is a tool and doesn’t always yield the exact target you are looking for.  This is why experience – the human factor – can never be replaced by technology.

Sourcing, screening, qualifying, and interviewing are just some of the steps we take to ensure that we are uncovering hidden talent that possess both skills and the right attitude to be successful in this industry.

Aiman Attar | Founder

Somewhere in middle school, I sat in a class where we discussed what we wanted to be when we grew up. I thought I was going to be a lawyer and spend my entire life working as that! As I look back, I see my life and my career as a winding road up a mountainous path, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. My successes and setbacks are what made me who I am today. And I’ve come a long way.

My forte has always been entrepreneurship.  I’ve spent the past 15 years of my career in the real estate industry honing my skills, perfecting my craft and finding my next niche.


10 Things You Would Have Never Guessed About Me!

  • I’m a Syrian refugee who was accepted into Canada in 1982,
  • I graduated university at the age of 20,
  • I am a mother of two teenagers and two toddlers – Enough said!
  • AGENTC™ is my third business,
  • I’ve worked as a Creative Director for over a decade in marketing and graphic design with no educational background in either field,
  • My leisure reading is in traditional medicine and healing with herbs,
  • I was fired only once in my life, and swore never to work for anyone again,
  • The hardest years of my life have also been the best years of my life,
  • I have moved (homes) 13 times in the past 20 years, and
  • I’ve written 3 chapters of a book I am authoring. Every letter, every page is one day closer to fulfilling this dream.

Ghaz Syed | Founder

I once thought that being successful meant that I would be whole, without setbacks or disappointments, where everything in life would be as I had imagined and carefully planned in my youth. I’ve come to love and accept that the pieces of my past are what makes me whole as a person. Outspoken and sometimes to my disadvantage, I have no interest in just fitting into a mold. I believe that being different, learning differently, and expressing myself differently is why I have excelled in business ownership (though I struggled in school).

My forte is being a connector.  I thrive on connecting people, which is why I accidentally stumbled into recruitment.

10 Things You Would Have Never Guessed About Me!

  • My real first love are horses. Don’t tell my wife!,
  • Swimming, rock-climbing and Muay Thai are how I re-charge,
  • I was a mentee to a Traditional Doctor / Herbalist / Entrepreneur who happened to be my grandfather,
  • In my leisure time, I trained to be a cupping specialist (traditional medicine),
  • I’m a high school dropout and to my surprise, a college graduate,
  • I’m an owner of two businesses,
  • I’m a father/Step-Father to 4 children,
  • I’m the first born,
  • My longest employment history has been in self-employment, and,
  • I love dates. As in the fruit… date fruit. You know medjool, sukkari…

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