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You are probably thinking “How does this make me money?”  Whether you are hiring or getting hired, AGENTC reduces the costs associated with a bad hire for both the employer and the candidate.  We educate both parties on fair market value for each position so you are not overpaying as an employer, nor being underpaid as an employee.

“I can find my own talent/employment opportunities.”  Just like exclusive properties, we have access to exclusive employment opportunities and exclusive candidates seeking a career move that are not publicly broadcasted. We create a win-win environment which allows Real Estate Professionals to hire handpicked talent that are currently working in the real estate industry but not actively seeking employment. This is uncovering hidden talent.

“Working with a recruiter slows down the hiring process”. On the contrary, we have facilitated recruitment in as little as 24 hours.  Knowing our candidates, who are pre-qualified and pre-screened, means we are able to match them to the right opportunity faster than it takes to post a job description and wait for submissions.

Our Amazing Clients…

The Space We Work In…


Receptionist | Office Administrator | Assistant
Licensed Assistant | Listing Coordinator
Office Manager | Branch Manager


Graphic Designer | Social Media Specialist
Marketing Specialist | Marketing Coordinator
SEO Manager | Marketing Manager


Accounting Clerk | Deal Secretary | Deal Processor
Deal Administrator | Accounts Payable Clerk
Bookkeeper | Accounting Manager


Field Assistant | Buyer Agent
Sales Assistant | Sales Manager
Team Manager | Branch Manager


Two Sides to Every Story

Two Sides to Every Story For every sob story, there’s always another point of view.   As a recruiter, I often hear when things go wrong in their employment situations. Even people I won’t be placing tend to tell me their tales of recruiting woe! They can’t get a...

Hire Slow and Fire Fast

Hire Slow and Fire Fast Keeping in mind that not EVERY situation is the same, this rule is pretty well tried and true.   One of the biggest mistakes we find that our clients have made in recruitment—before bringing us onboard, of course—is hiring too quickly....

The Importance of LinkedIn for Your Personal Brand

The Importance of LinkedIn for Your Personal Brand Not only do you need a LinkedIn page but it needs to look über-professional!   LinkedIn is the ultimate digital networking tool and you don’t need to be an entrepreneur to leverage the positives that it provides....

AGENTC™ in the Community…

35 years ago, I was a refugee fleeing from the atrocities in Syria

by Aiman Attar

Canada was not only a safe haven, but an opportunity to build a life, establish a business and raise children in the only country we have come to know as home. Today, we pass on the tradition by actively helping new Syrian refugees establish new roots with financial, emotional and social support. Part of the proceeds of each sale is used to fulfill this initiative.

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