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Forget Finding the PERFECT Candidate!

Instead, create the PERFECT job for the candidate you love.

Most clients who are looking to fill a role start with a job description: these are the skills I am looking for, how many years’ experience I need, and this is the education I expect the candidate to have. But there is a better way! Most successful realtors hire the right mix of skill and personality, and then tailor the job so it fits this candidate.

The reason why this formula is successful is because human beings don’t 100% fit into any given job description. Some candidates may be amazing on the phone, but not so sharp with face-to-face interactions. Some may be versatile and capable of switching hats at a moment’s notice, but they are not perfectionists and can come across as sloppy. The key is to look for the essential skills and personality qualities that you need in a certain role.

How do you start?

Begin with a fluid job description. This is a list of the ‘nice to have’ and ‘must have’ qualities and skills. You will use this list as a starting point, to keep focused and score individual candidates. But it’s not a hard and firm list: you never want to dismiss the opportunity to interview a candidate based SOLELY on your job description. Far too often, I see realtors eliminating candidates from consideration based on a resume that they feel doesn’t perfectly match their job description. They could be missing out on a great candidate!

How do you determine what the essential skills are?

Ask yourself, with each quality and skill that you want to put on the list, why you need the candidate to have that quality or skill.

Example? You think that social media skills are essential to the role of front desk / reception. Ask yourself why? Does the receptionist really need this before she can be hired or can she learn this on the job? Will she need to be running your entire social media or does that fall under the purview of a marketing coordinator? If she doesn’t need the skill to be hired, put it on the ‘nice to have’ list.

You really like a certain candidate you’ve met for the role of assistant but she doesn’t like public speaking… Now what?

Take that off her plate. This is what I mean by creating the job for the candidate. Your gut, two interviews and a check of personal and professional references tells you that this is the right candidate for the role. You like her, you get along well, and you have common interests. As you’ll be spending a lot of time together, these are important factors. But the one thing she doesn’t like is speaking in front of a group. One on one, she is just fine and she CAN speak to a group, but it makes her very uncomfortable. So she would NOT be ideal for running the agent tours, or being customer facing at a big open house.

Does she need to do those things or can she work behind the scenes to makes sure events runs smoothly, while you stay front and center? That’s for you to decide, but by having a fluid job description, you CAN decide that this is okay with you and that you will hire her anyway. You CAN decide to formalize her job description to put her at ease in the knowledge that she won’t have to speak in front of groups, but rather do all the other arranging that events need. It’s a situation that can work for both of you rather well!

If you need help in deciding what’s important and what is ‘nice to have’, in terms of candidate skills and qualities, give AGENTC a call. We can help you to find the candidates that will match your needs and be a good fit for your business.

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