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Where Have You Been All Our Lives, AGENTC?

Bursting out on the recruiting stage, offering our services


This year, Ghaz and I had the pleasure of presenting our business at RealtorQuest. If you’re a realtor, odds are you know about RealtorQuest but for those of you who aren’t familiar with it; it’s the largest Realtor Trade Show and Conference in Canada. With over 250 exhibitors and over 8,000 real estate professionals in attendance, it is THE best place for maximum exposure for anyone connected to the real estate world.

The conference portion includes expert talks in the areas of economic growth, MLS technology, teaching sessions on OREA forms and social media and so on. The trade show was 130,000 square feet of everything you’d want when it comes to real estate: Photographers, graphic designers, marketing platforms, staging companies and … yes, Toronto’s only Real Estate Recruiter. So how did this come about, you ask?

Here’s the story: AGENTC grew organically into Toronto’s Exclusive Real Estate Recruiter, over the last few years. Our services were open to any small to medium sized businesses, real estate related or not, but our expertise, history and our ability to hire for hard-to-fill positions quickly created an influx of repeat and referral business from the real estate sector.

Imagine these situations: our name was mentioned during conversations about hiring woes at the Chairman’s Club. At private realtor dinner parties, realtors who vented about their recruitment dilemmas were given our number by others. One referral in particular that makes me smile is a Montreal realtor who received our number from another realtor— who had never used our service—who had been given our number by yet another realtor, for whom we hired an Office Manager. Phew! That was a circuitous route but a good one!

After four years of business, we decided to make our grand debut at RealtorQuest and create some real awareness about our existence and what we can do to help find the perfect fit in staffing. Although it is very flattering to have our number passed around and realtors rave about our service, it did distress us that some realtors felt disadvantaged because they had never heard about us before. How could we exist for four years without making it known to them and others who were so desperately in need of such as service? Well, all we can say to that is that it wasn’t an intentional slight! Like all businesses, we wanted to go through a measured growth that we could manage, with all the demands of servicing clients that this entails.

Ultimately though, we decided those slightly disgruntled realtors were absolutely right and although we are happy with our business growth, we decided that it was time to even the playing field and grant all realtors access to the only real estate recruiter.

So here we are! If you’re looking for the perfect rare pearl for your business or back office, now you know who to call! We’re happy to help!

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